Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 4 (and beyond) TechEd Diary, This entry is several days over-due, but I hope you’ll understand.  Towards the end of the conference the schedule is tight, and the exhaustion is real.  So I thought rather than taking time out of my day on Thursday or Friday I’d just take in and enjoy the rest of the week … Continue reading Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 4 (and beyond)

Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 3 TechEd Diary, Well diary, if you ever had any doubts about “the cloud”, they should have been eased a bit if you attended or watched the live stream of Mark Russinovich and Mark Minasi’s “Mark and Mark” cloud discussion this morning. Besides being entertaining, it was very informative.  It’s always great to hear the … Continue reading Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 3

Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 1’s a quick post with some of my photos so far.  Trying out a neat photo album feature by just dragging multiple photos into Windows LiveWriter. Included are a couple of shots from the Krewe Meet-n-Greet last night, and random shots of people and food. Now I’m off to another session… TechEd Day 0 PM … Continue reading Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 1

Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 0 TechEd Diary, It’s the day before TechEd, which leads to my 3rd favorite week of the year (just behind Christmas/New Year and Easter/Holy week).  My flight appears to be on-time. The day here in Minneapolis will be a good one, weather-wise.  It will be nice in Houston, too.  I haven’t packed much yet, but … Continue reading Kevin’s TechEd Diary – Day 0

Welcome Back!

Happy Monday! “Monday?  It’s Thursday, dummy.” Right.  But it feels like Monday.  Today is the dreaded first day back to work after a nice long Christmas and New Year vacation.  For many (like me), it’s the most difficult-to-get-out-of-bed morning there is.  So this note to you (in the form of a blog article) is just … Continue reading Welcome Back!

Road Trip! FREE Microsoft Windows Azure Events in the US to a town near you, our four IT Pro Evangelists in the US Central Region (Brian Lewis, Keith Mayer, Matt Hester, and Moi) are delivering free, in-person, hands-on learning (otherwise known as “IT Camps”) from now through mid-October. Here is the complete event description: Discover Key Hybrid Cloud Solutions for IT Pros You CAN … Continue reading Road Trip! FREE Microsoft Windows Azure Events in the US