Update: Did Kevin pass Azure test 70-532?

Let me reveal my answer to you in the form of a couple of test questions:

1. Kevin found the test harder than he expected.

  • True
  • False

2. What areas did Kevin wish he had studied and understood more deeply during the test?

A.  Code.  Actual C# code against Azure web and identity services

B.  Azure Functions. I know the overview, but had to guess on some of the “fill in the blank” code snippets

C.  Programmatic use of messaging; again, you should know what the code looks like for this.

D.  All of the above.

3.  In spite of himself, Kevin passed.

  • True!
  • False

It’s not uncommon to go into a test and get a little flustered with questions that are just outside of the areas you studied, or perhaps went into depth or details you weren’t expecting.  It makes affirming that last “Are you sure (you want to exit the test and see you’re a miserable failure)?” question that much more difficult to click.  But I clicked it, and found that I had indeed passed.  So.. not so miserable! 

And there was much rejoicing...

“What’s next?  Are you going to re-do 70-533 again?”

Y’know, I actually think I might look into another track entirely.. like maybe the CISSP certification, or maybe some Amazon Web Services training and certs.  I know Azure really well, but only know the basics of AWS

So, how about you?  Are you on your own certification adventure?  Feel free to share with us in the comments!

How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – The PowerShell Script and completing the build (Part 6)

In this final part of our series we walk through the PowerShell script that connects to Azure, creates the resource group, and then launches the creation of the lab environment.  We also walk through the final couple of manual steps required to complete the lab setup



Breaking News: The IT Pro Career Center is LIVE!

“Evolve Your Career in Cloud Technologies”

That’s the headline, and indeed the purpose of this new resource for IT Professionals!

“The Microsoft IT Pro Career Center is a free online resource to help map your cloud career path. Learn what industry experts suggest for your cloud role and the skills to get you there. Follow a learning curriculum at your own pace to build the skills you need most to stay relevant.”

“This sounds pretty cool on the surface, Kevin.  What’s it about?”

This guy just got a promotion based on what he learned at the IT Pro Career CenterThere’s no denying that the IT landscape is an ever-changing place in which to live and work.  Skills that were valuable 5 years ago are not necessarily as valuable today or 5 years from now.  So, based on what you know (or what you’d like to know), do you know where you want to go?  And based on current trends and job types that are new or up-and-coming, do you have a clue about where to start?  And can you evaluate what specific skills you’re going to need some additional training on in order to get your next dream job, or ride the next wave of cloud computing careers?

That’s what this site is all about.

Learn about the latest tech trends according to Gartner.  Take a self-evaluation on what you know or where you’d like to go.  And based on that, we’ll even give you a list of “homework” to help you get there, in the form of links to training and additional resources. Or, just pick a cloud role and see where the salaries fall.

For more information, and to sign-up, go here: http://itprocareercenter.com

Breaking News: IT Pro Cloud Essentials–Free cloud, education, and support!

This is big news!  Today Microsoft is announcing a new subscription (but it’s free!) for IT Professionals.  The goal is to give IT Pros the tools they need to train, test, and eventually implement private and public cloud solutions.

“Subscription?  Sounds like TechNet is back!”

Well, yeah, in a sense it is.  It’s no secret that the TechNet Subscription ‘back in the day’ was a great resource for IT Professionals.  But the fact that these non-timeout, non-production trials were being used in production was something we just couldn’t continue.  Limited trials, it was thought, should be sufficient.  But I think Microsoft has heard you, and we’re giving you another way to get some more flexibility in trying out, for longer periods of time (but not completely unlimited, because that would be silly) our most impactful cloud platforms.

Here’s the description from the IT Pro Cloud Essentials page:

“Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials is a free annual subscription which includes cloud services, education, and support benefits. IT Pro Cloud Essentials provides IT Implementers with hands-on experience, targeted educational opportunities, and access to experts in areas that matter most to increase knowledge and create a path to career advancement.”

“So, what does the subscription include?”

First off, it’s about extended trials.  You’ll have a small amount of Azure usage.  Just enough to let you kick the tires for a while, but not enough to let you drive to and from work each day.  (Meaning not for production workloads.)  It also includes extended trials of Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), things like Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory.

The subscription also includes free training through Microsoft Virtual Academy, and even our partner PluralSight.

And, while it wasn’t actually used very often.. one of the most popular benefits of the old TechNet Subscription was having a free technical support call.  (People didn’t use it all that often, because they tended to hold onto it “just in case I need it”.)  Well, it’s back!  This FREE subscription also gives you one support incident!  And what’s more, you also have a priority support channel in the Microsoft TechNet Forums.

Sound good?  You’re darn right it is!  And we’re pleased to bring it to you!

For the full story, and to sign-up/sign-in to your subscription, go here:


How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – Additional Automations (Part 5)

In the 6th part of our series we look at some of the remaining requirements for our lab environment, and how we automatically launched a PowerShell script on each of our virtual machines to perform the final machine-dependent tasks.


How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – Copy down files (Part 4)

Our lab environment requires that several sample scripts and other utilities be available on several of the member servers.  But how do we get those files onto the C: drive?  In this video I’ll show how that was accomplished.



How I automated a hands-on-lab infrastructure – Domain-Join the member servers (Part 3)

In the fourth part of our series we look at how to automatically join the three other virtual machines to the contoso.com domain, again using an custom extension in our Azure Resource Manager template.