For immediate release…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…CONTACT: JoeyLauren JiracekAll Points Public Relations(847) 897-7496jjiracek@allpointspr.comMay 9, 2018CMIT Solutions Launches Technology Revolution in Minneapolis NorthwestLocal Entrepreneur Opens New Office in Maple Grove to Enhance IT Services and Support for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses MAPLE GROVE, Minn. – CMIT Solutions is launching a technology revolution in the northern and western Twin Cities area.The … Continue reading For immediate release…

Azure Building Blocks – Like Legos™ for the cloud?

I thought this was an interesting announcement.  Yesterday Microsoft announced a new way to more-simply deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) resources into Azure, along with a new command line tool to drive it with.  The tool is called Azure Building Blocks.  These building blocks are described as “a set of tools and Azure Resource Manager templates that … Continue reading Azure Building Blocks – Like Legos™ for the cloud?

I’m Certifiable (Azure Exam 70-532)

Not only am I absolutely full of I.T., but I’m also certifiable!  I’ve been earning Microsoft Certifications of one flavor or another since 1994, when I became an MCP on Windows 3.11 (“Windows for Workgroups”).  And recently I set myself a goal to become certified on all things Azure. “What certifications are available for Azure?”There … Continue reading I’m Certifiable (Azure Exam 70-532)

The Confidential Cloud

"Encryption of data in transit?"Check!“Encryption of data at rest?”Yessir!“Encryption of data while it’s in use?”Huh?! That last one might stump you as well, but Microsoft actually announced a new capability today in Azure, called Azure Confidential Computing. “Put simply, confidential computing offers a protection that to date has been missing from public clouds, encryption of … Continue reading The Confidential Cloud