I’m Certifiable (Azure Exam 70-532)

Windows 3.11 workspaceNot only am I absolutely full of I.T., but I’m also certifiable!  I’ve been earning Microsoft Certifications of one flavor or another since 1994, when I became an MCP on Windows 3.11 (“Windows for Workgroups”).  And recently I set myself a goal to become certified on all things Azure.

“What certifications are available for Azure?”

There are three main tests that you can take and pass to get Azure certifications; one for developers(70-532), one for implementers (70-533), and one for architects (70-534).  There are also two related tests focusing on proving your knowledge of designing and implementing cloud data platforms (70-473) and designing and implementing big data solutions (70-475).  My goal for now is to pass all of those first three, and maybe later consider the others.

“How’s it going?”

CrammingA couple of years ago I took and passed the 70-533, but that was back when Azure was all “Service Manager” style, in the old “classic” portal.  A whole lot has changed since then, so I think eventually I’d like to take that one again to prove I know the newer stuff.  And then again about 6 months later. (sigh)

A couple of weeks ago I took and passed the 70-534Smile 

Tomorrow (Tuesday 9/19/2017) I’ll be taking and passing the 70-532.  I feel pretty ready for it.

“What did you do to study for it?”

That’s why I am writing this article!  I wanted to share with you some resources I am using, in case you might want to go down this path yourselves.  There are some really good links to resources on the 70-532 page, and excellent documentation on the Azure site.  I carefully watched the provided video overviews, walked through the outline of what is on the test, and read the documentation for those area.  When applicable, of course, I tried things out in Azure directly.  I found good step-by-step guides that helped me through that process as well.

In the video overview (excellently done for Microsoft Virtual Academy by Brian Swiger), Brian shares a summary of the topics covered on the test, and in his presentation provides links to the related documentation.  You have to get the PowerPoint of his presentation to have access to the URLs, so that’s what I did.

In fact, to close out this article, and again for anyone of you interested in taking and possibly passing this exam, I’ll copy/paste those links for you here.  It’s a lot, but if you read and understand this documentation, and maybe focus on the areas you’re not as familiar with, you’ll have a good start at mastering the topic. 

Exam Topics and Details


Virtual Machines

Run a Windows VM on Azure

Create and Manage Windows VMs with the Azure PowerShell

Create and deploy your first Azure Resource Manager template

Windows VMSS and Desired State Configuration with Azure Resource Manager templates

Upload a generalized VHD and use it to create new VMs in Azure

Manage the availability of Windows virtual machines in Azure

How to use availability sets

Azure Storage replication

Azure Storage Scalability and Performance Targets

About Azure storage accounts

High-performance Premium Storage and managed disks for VMs

Filter network traffic with network security groups

User-defined routes and IP forwarding

Microsoft cloud services and network security

What are virtual machine scale sets in Azure?


Understanding Block Blobs, Append Blobs, and Page Blobs

Get started with Azure Queue storage using .NET

What are Azure SQL Database service tiers

Scale out databases with the shard map manager

Azure Storage Service Encryption for Data at Rest

Create an Azure Search index

Upload data to Azure Search

How to page search results in Azure Search

Introduction to the Azure Redis Cache Premium tier

How to configure data persistence for a Premium Azure Redis Cache

How to configure Redis clustering for a Premium Azure Redis Cache


Web and Mobile

What is Application Insights?

An introduction to Azure Functions

Identity and Networks

What is Azure Active Directory?

Azure AD B2C: Focus on your app, let us worry about sign-up and sign-in

What is Azure AD B2B collaboration?

Other Resources

Study Groups

Microsoft Azure Documentation

MeasureUp (Practice Tests for Sale)

edX Course / Labs

Microsoft Official Curriculum Course 20532C: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Are you certifiable like me?  Leave a comment or question.

And check back here for the update Tuesday afternoon (9/19/2017) on whether or not I passed.  Smile

4 thoughts on “I’m Certifiable (Azure Exam 70-532)

    1. Absolutely! Actually, my original resume had all of my certifications listed.. but it was a long and annoying list; at least where I had it positioned in the document. I have been meaning to add it back, maybe just before or after the Education section.
      Thanks for the reminder!


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