Windows Defender is Released (Beta is over!)

Windows Defender has been in beta for what seems like forever.  I’m running it on all of my home PCs, and have been installing it on the PCs of everyone I support (Parents, Mother-in-Law, Neighbors, etc.).  And I don’t know about you, but for me this tool has worked wonderfully. 

“Even though your two teenage boys like to click on everything in sight?”

Yep.  Even then.  The home PC is clean; amazingly.

Anyway… The beta expires at the end of December.  So now I have to let all of my friends and relatives know that they should install the released version.  (You know who you are.)  And notice also that for a limited time you’ll get 2 free support calls along with it.  Check the page for details.

“What about your work PCs?”

No worries there.  I’m still running Beta.. or rather, RC2 of Windows Vista.  Windows Defender is included in Windows Vista.

(Appreciative nod to my good friend and teammate Chris Avis for passing the word to our team about this release.)

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