BREAKING NEWS: Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing!

pretty boxes!

Vista baby, yeah! Yes indeed!  Today’s the day!

Windows Vista has finally, officially been “signed off”, and RTM’d. 

A small step for Microsoft.  A giant leap for desktop computing.

Check out the PressPass Q&A article.

“So Kevin.. what are the next steps for Windows Vista?  When can I get it?”

First it goes to device makers and software companies so that they can update their applications and test their drivers on the final version.  Then later this month it will be available to businesses who are purchasing it through Volume Licensing.  And finally, January 30th, it becomes “broadly available”.  That’s when you’ll see it on the shelves in your local Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Target, Walmart, etc.

“So.. what are you going to do now, Kevin?”

I’m gonna try and do what every other Microsoft employee is probably trying to do right now..  I’m gonna find the RTM bits somewhere on our corporate network, and I’m gonna wipe out this RC build I’m running and install the final product! 

And as it’s installing, I’m going to crack open a Stella, hold it up in the direction of Redmond, and salute the many thousands of folks that have made this day possible. 

Here’s to you, product team!  You’ve earned a big celebration.  Enjoy!

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