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Okay.. you’re an IT Pro.  (If you’re not, you’re still welcome to keep reading.)  And you’re tired of feeling alone in the world.  But you know that there must be some others out there like you – dealing with the same issues and same technologies; just dying to show of some new script or tool or best-practice you’ve discovered or developed.  So you’re looking for a place to go for networking with others.

Look no further.

Aggreg8 is a site for IT Pros to mix-n-mingle.  It’s like a “MySpace” (or a Windows Live Spaces) for IT Pros, complete with working groups on various topics that IT Pros get excited about.  You can setup a profile, join groups, enter posts, add favorites, share content, mix, mingle, and learn. 

“How do I get started?”

Just go to  If you don’t have one already, you’ll need a PassPort account to use for your authentication there, but once you’re in, you can build your profile and upload your picture (or whatever Avatar you choose), and get networking!

12 thoughts on “Aggreg8 – Home for IT PRos

  1. It will not let me sign in!
    What is the point of having a site where you can’t see anything before you sign in? Why so secretive?
    This goes against the idea of what a community is all about.  A community has public areas and announcements so far all I have been able to see if that this is a private group more like a secret society instead of a community.


  2. Why is this filed under the ‘Sex’ tag?  Is Aggreg8 really a cover for something else?
    Seriously, though — I’m worried.  Why would Microsoft back something where the technology is so antiquated by today’s Web standards?  I’ll be watching how this progresses, but so far, I don’t believe your beta testers did you justice.  This is not a community site.


  3. Microsoft has soft-launched a new community site designed to allow IT professionals to network with one another. The new site, called , is a joint effort between Microsoft’s TechNet team and Culminis, a self-described "international not-for-profit


  4. 2cents here: – disappointing, or did i miss something? it seems to be a very simple community-piece, chances are a bored student coded this in his sparetime in one (maybe two) evening-sessions. performance is unsatisfying, design/gui is *not* userfriendly, server-error-pages do almost seemless fit into the non-existing CI/CD …
    The point im writing this is the fact that i read about as a quote – Microsoft-founded *network for IT-professionals*: end-quote – in an article of a major german online-mag. Having created a profile and checked it out for about 15 minutes, sadly to me its merely a joke, a hoax or most probably a current deface.


  5. I think it should be named *network for MS-professionals* not IT-professionals. All boards are full with MS,"I love MS", "I hate java", "I hate linux". So from a ms-view the it are MS-Only.
    That’s not for me…. Where is the sign-off button?


  6. Well… "me", I am surprised if you’re seeing "I hate …" messages there.  I think that’s pretty counter-productive and immature, too.  Ideally people such as yourself should take the opportunity to create your own java and linux working groups and start building community there.  
    Seriously – the discussion is not intended to be Microsoft-only.  


  7. Kevin you miss my point.
    First off why should I have to sign up to see anything? If you ready want participation then you need to draw in luckers but that will not happen in a closes setup like this. Did anyone bother to ask the IT communities, in particular large existing active communities? If so which community did that talk to? Also keep in mind that Culminis DOES NOT SPEAK for EVERYONE. KEEP in MIND that Culminis believe that user groups are there to sever them and not the other way around.
    At least that is what I took away from my discussion with David S. President of Culminis.
    Secondly, how will any search engine be able to forward someone to a particular topic if it is never index and even if it does I know I normally will not sign up to any site just to see something that might be of interest. so what is the drw to me as a lucker to join this site?
    Thirdly you never address my issue if not being able to sign on with a account. It should work but who do you call for support?
    Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss this farther.


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