Best of Questions and Answers from the TechNet Webcast: Compliance and Records Management

Do I have your attention? Here are the “Best Of” our questions and answers from today’s TechNet Webcast: Compliance and Records Management.

Thanks to all who attended!  Happy Holidays!


PS – Here is my resource page for this webcast.

Questions and Answers:

“When you refer to Document Information Panel, vis a vis doc metadata – are you referring to metadata exclusively for e-docs, or are you also including adding metadata for physical records?”

Well, in this case it would be electronic only. To manage physical records through MOSS would mean scanning or OCR to get them into an electronic form, and then yes, you could associate metadata or other content columns (and as a unique content type) through MOSS.


“I know Sharepoint 3 can be installed side-by-side on SBS2003 but can WOSS 2007 be scaled down and installed on a single server SBS2003 if it has enough RAM, CPU and Disk?”

If, as you say, it has enough processor, memory, and disk, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.


“Is this RM product DOD 5015.std certified?”

I don’t know the specific certs, but I do know that the technologies that make up the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 foundation all have security technologies in place to lock them down; from SQL Server 2005 and it’s native support for encrypted data; to web applications being able to support encrypted connections.. and all traffic in between. 

So.. my answer is a qualified YES.  (Qualified because, again, I don’t know the specifics of that DOD cert you mentioned.)


“Does MOSS 2007 include a utility for crawling a domain and locating all the older file system document folders and preparing a document navigation plan and Sharepoint structure to organize all the thousands of random documents through an organization?”

Well.. not in as much as the documents automatically ending up in a document library.  For that you would have to upload or import them in some way.

However, the new search functionality in MOSS 2007 lets you specify a file share as a content source, so that you can allow a crawl to index those file locations and in turn have those files be returned in the search results.


“Are you able to being working in Microsoft Office and then saving the document to SharePoint rather than starting in SharePoint to create new documents?”

Absolutely. You can navigate to your network locations, or if you know the URL of the document library, you can save it there directly. You can even check-out/check-in documents directly from Word, for example.. and modify the version information associated with it when you do. Very well integrated.


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