BREAKING NEWS: The Microsoft ‘HOME SERVER’ is officially announced

Thanks to an e-mail I just received from Charlie Kindel (see his blog), I’m now able to publicly express my excitement for this new, until now very-hush-hush product that Microsoft has been working on.  Apparently Bill G just announced the product at CES this evening.

Here is the official web page that has been hinting at the name:

“What is it?”

I don’t know fully myself just yet, but from what I’ve read, it’s aiming to be a home digital repository.  So, it’s a central place for all of your digital photos, music, videos, files, etc.  It’s especially good for families like mine, who have more than one PC or Media Center, and would like a way to safely and securely centralize access, as well as protect those files.  And it will keep this online repository safe and backed up as well as available to any computer in the universe, if you choose. 

As a digital media enthusiast and the defacto digital family historian, I love this.  This is really, really exciting.  What do you think?

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