Just what you need: Another chance to win an XBOX 360

“Kevin, where have you been?  Your blog and your blog readers have been missing you!”

Yeah.. sorry about that.  In the preparation and delivery of our first week of huge launch events, I was rather busy.  But I think the tradeoff was worth it.  My time in Des Moines and Omaha was GREAT!  (Watch my blog.  I’m going to be posting a short video diary of my first week of “Ready for a New Day” events soon.)

“That’s nice.  Now.. did you mention a chance to win something?”

Jump in! Oh yeah.  An e-mail is being forwarded around to all of us bloggers, promoting a little contest to win a XBOX 360 (which is strange, because as it turns out, the MS Employees on the e-mail thread are ineligible.  <sigh>).

Here are the specifics (The full details are on Mike Giannotti’s blog here.):

  • Watch the video here (15 minutes long)
  • Follow the directions for the links at the same location
  • Read the contest directions in the Groove workspace (Initial contest rules posted. Additional rules concerning other participant rewords to be posted later today)
  • Then enter now, enter often, and WIN!!
  • *Only catch, this contest is not open to Microsoft employees. Everyone else though can join the party! J
  • “But, what’s the REAL catch?”

    The goal (or “catch”, if you like) is that you learn something about the really cool collaboration possibilities that you’ll get with the new 2007 Office System, and in particular, Groove 2007.

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