Kevin’s ‘New Day’ Video Diary – Part 2

Vista!  Vista!  Vista!

Part II – The Road to Milwaukee  (Actually, Brookfield, Wisconsin.)

This part 2 video is of the first half of my second week of “Launch” events for Microsoft Across America

“Is the footage of you driving as boring or as long as in part 1?”

<sigh>  No.  This time I spare you all 5-1/2 hours of drive time, and just give you the highlights.

Also – you gotta see this video if only for “The Wave”.
Video: Kevin’s “Ready for a New Day” Video Diary – Part 2

Here is the streamable version, too.

Huge thanks to my Milwaukee audience!  You guys were wonderful!

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s ‘New Day’ Video Diary – Part 2

  1. I’m HIGHLY disappointed…:( my cohort and I didn’t even make the pan of the wave šŸ˜¦
    I think I deserve a free copy of Vista Ultimate for that  šŸ™‚
    Oh Okay…it was worth a try šŸ™‚


  2. (chuckle) Sorry about that, Pete.  I was rather flustered that I had to film it myself rather than my teammate Mike helping out as I hoped he would.
    We’ll get you front-and-center next time!  šŸ™‚


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