Best of Questions and Answers from TechNet Webcast: Windows Vista Desktop Manageability Overview

View this webcast!  It's a good'n! Here are the “Best Of” the questions and answers from today’s TechNet Webcast: “Windows Vista Desktop Manageability Overview“.

Thanks to all who attended, and to Matt Hester and Harold Wong for handling the Q&A; and who’s work this document represents.


PS – Here is my resource page for this webcast

Questions and Answers:

“What about having to open up files (giving full control) in order for a standard user to use a application without admin rights?”

Windows Vista will use what is called application virtualization, and virtualize the file and registry files to a location the user has permission, Kevin is showing that now

“What if we want certain users to have access to installing applications?”

Well that speaks to a lot of different issues, I would recommend deploying the applications via GPO if you can. However the minute you allow a user to install applications then you are giving them permissions on the machine to allow them to do this. What kind of applications are we talking about?

“Not sure I understand VirtualStore. If the application was able to save the file couldn’t it save a virus and execute it?”

Well first the virus would have to get to the machine, and second the elevation credentials will invoke and the standard user will not be allowed to run that app if even if it is a virus.

“Do the virtual settings save or get lost when you reboot the machine?”

Those settings should be remembered, however I did find a KB that discussed some of the potential issues:

“Can we autologoff people through GPOs after a certain time?”

This is actually properties of the logon hours in Active directory.

“Does restore state apply to other possible reboots or just Windows update?”

Restore state can be other updates to the system, not just windows updates. You can even manually create them.

“Does ReadyBoost support iPod nanos ?”

Your question should really be.. “Do iPod Nanos support ReadyBoost?”  The answer is NO.

What about after inactivity? If someone is working at 7 PM we dont want to prevent that but if they left at 6 PM and didn’t log off we would like to log them off rather than just locking with a screensaver.”

You can after that but it will involve a script, take a look here:

“As a conclusion can we say ReadyBoost supports only USB 2.0 memory disks (aka memory sticks from sandisk, corsair etc.)? Also, is TPM mandatory to use BitLocker?”

ReadyBoost will also support SD cards that meet the R/W speed requirements (I’ve tested this already).  Also, for BitLocker, TPM is recommended, but a USB key can be used if the TPM is not there.

“Based on what I heard from Vista/Office Launch, I am under the impression that NAP is something good to be implemented, can I used in XP Pro or must it be Vista? Also, what else do I need to start try out NAP?”

NAP requires two components, 1 on the client and 1 on the server. The client side component is built into Windows Vista and the server side is built into Windows Longhorn Server. Unfortunately, Windows XP Professional is not one of the supported clients (unless something changes in the future).  Longhorn is still in beta, so that is not even officially available yet. If you want to test today, you will need to get Vista, plus the next Longhorn Server Beta.

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