Windows Meeting Space – a TechNet Radio Interview with Todd Manion

(Just a quick plug for an interview that I’m proud of.)

Interview is HERE! You know how sometimes you get a new or upgraded piece of software, and you see some new application or function, but you’re not quite sure of what it is?  That’s what most of us think when we first start using Windows Vista and start poking around the programs listed under the Start button.  There is this one called “Windows Meeting Space” that had many of us scratching our heads.

So while at an internal training conference last year I had the good fortune of sitting down and talking with Todd Manion (a Program Manager in the Windows Networking division).  He had just given a very informative discussion about and demonstration of that very tool – Windows Meeting Space.  As it turns out, it’s a new, cool-yet-powerful collaboration application.

And yesterday that interview was published to TechNet Radio for all the world to hear.

Check it out:

Have you started using Meeting Space yet?  How are you using it?

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