Questions from our TechNet Event in Omaha

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Once again, I’m creating this blog post right in front of my audience! ..this time, in friendly Omaha, Nebraska.

I will post the questions soon after the event is over, and then will fill in the answers as I get them – by the end of this week if possible.



“Where is the ‘Reliability and Performance Monitor’ data stored?  Could I pull that information from multiple machines down to a central admin location and view that data?”

I wasn’t able to find a way to pull the data down – except this really should be doable; it’s all based on data in the event logs.  So I imagine you could set up an event subscription the appropriate events, and perhaps use the tool to view that data locallay.

Even better, though, is the ability to view the Reliability and Performance Monitor on a remote computer.  The tool allows you do connect to any machine you have appropriate administrative rights to, and view the reliability data on it.

Here is he article that describes how to do this:  View Reliability Monitor on a Remote Computer


What about the ‘Problem Reports and Solutions’ data?  Can I archive it before I clear out the log?”

[I haven’t found the specific answer to this question yet.  This text is just a placeholder for the answer I will put here.]

If you want more details on what information is collected, how it is stored, how it is communicated with Microsoft, and how you can configure settings through installation answerfile or group policy, check out this article:
“Windows Error Reporting and the Problem Reports and Solutions Feature in Windows Vista”


“How can I send FCS reports to someone else?”

A huge benefit of using SQL Server Reporting Services is that you have all the rich capabilities of that product for viewing and sharing reports and data. 

This article outlines some of that functionality at a high level: Microsoft SQL Server: Reporting Services Overview


“If I’m running MOM 2005 and SCOM 2007, how many agents are on the client?  Is it two (one for MOM 2005 and one for SCOM 2007)?”

Yes, for a time during your migration there will be two agents running on the monitored servers; until you’re done with the migration and able to remove MOM 2005 from your environment.

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