Free hosted website? Till 2010?

Verio's Web Site A very cool offer came to my inbox from an internal source about an offer that Verio is promoting.  I verified that it was indeed “bloggable” and open to the public.

Yes.. you get a free website.  And you can use it until 2010. 

“What’s the catch?”

The catch is that you’re using hosted Microsoft technologies.  The offer is geared towards developers and designers, and is specifically in order to promote Microsoft-based hosting solutions including MS Expression, Visual Studio, and Silverlight.  

“The Free hosting program – based on IIS 6 and Windows Server 2003 – will run through January 2010.  No credit card is required.”

“Wow!  Where do I go to sign-up?”

This is not an online offer.  In fact, except for this blog post, I don’t know that you’ll find news about this anywhere else on the web (until other people blog about it, that is.) 

You need to call Verio for this.  1-800-932-7483.

And here is the “Contact Verio” page, in case you need another way to reach them.

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