From the “2 Cool Not 2 Share” Department…

Pontiac all Halo'd out! Unless you’re living in a cave (and if you are, then WOW, caveman!  You’re getting Internet access in a cave, man!)  you know that the excitement is building around Halo3.

Check out this cool car that the Pontiac and Bungie folks are giving away as a prize.  The article also describes a sweet deal for getting all of the XBOX Live Gold service for FREE for three days.  Best Buy is to be thanked for that one.

Click the picture, or click here for details.

“Kevin.. what does this have to do with I.T.?”

Nothing at all… unless you consider that a lot of geeks like me really love playing Halo, driving tricked-out Pontiacs, and shopping at Best Buy. 

It was simply too cool not to share. 

And yes.. I enjoy Halo when I get the chance.  I do indeed drive a Pontiac (a beat-up ’98 Grand Prix that my son is currently begging to buy off of me).  And I shop at Best Buy because A) it’s a pretty good store, and B) we don’t have a Fry’s up here. 

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