Breaking News: SCDPM is RTM!

Rescue Data Like a Hero!One more time, for those who missed it before…

RTM = Released to Manufacturing

“And what is SCDPM?”

SCDPM is System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.  It’s a new version of the DPM product (first released last year), and contains several incredible improvements. 

Last week, at a Microsoft Across America team meeting in Phoenix, AZ, I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Jason Buffington on all the benefits of the new DPM 2007.

Folks… seriously… this is going to make backup, recovery, and archiving of your application data and files SO EASY. 

If you read nothing else about DPM, at least check out Jason’s blog post about the RTM, and the details on why this version will change how you think of backing up your company’s knowledge assets.  But you should also check out the DPM team blog , too.  And here’s the new DPM site as well.

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