Tune In! Geek out! Another Podcast on Unified Communications

TechNetRadio A couple of weeks ago (Wednesday October 24, specifically) I was driving like a madman from Dallas to Houston. 

“Why so fast?”

I had a deadline.  At 2:00pm I was scheduled to interview Sukhvinder Singh Gulati, a Sr. Lead Program Manager in the Unified Communications space – specifically Office Communications Server 2007.  …and I was running late.

“Did you make it?”

Just barely.  Traffic held me up a bit getting into town, but I got to the parking lot of the hotel right before 2:00pm, and let Eric (our producer) know that I was on my way.  The hotel room was over-deodorized (I could barely breathe), and I quickly logged in and got on the call to do the interview.

And here is the result:  Kevin interviews Sukhvinder on TechNet Radio

Of course, if you haven’t already, you should check out ALL of the great TechNet Radio podcasts available there, and even subscribe to the RSS feeds for the audio format you’re interested in listening to. 

Me?… I subscribe, download, and put them on my audio player so I have something to listen to while I’m on some nasty workout machine at the gym.

Also – if you’re interested in details on Unified Communications, click on the words Unified Communications somewhere in this blog post.  Like here: Unified Communications.  Easy.

2 thoughts on “Tune In! Geek out! Another Podcast on Unified Communications

  1. Now Kevin knows a little about the size of Texas.  Note to Kevin, it’s a pretty long drive from Dallas to Houston and the traffic in Houston during rush hour is maddening.


  2. šŸ™‚
    Well, I had planned on it being about 4.5 hours.. but was told by some locals "oh no.. 3.5 hours at most.  Easy drive."
    Well.. it was more like 4 WITHOUT the traffic.  


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