Here… Go buy a Zune with the $100 you just saved…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This promotion and promotion code have expired.
Please CLICK HERE for the most current promotion.

Whenever I present a live TechNet Event, I ask my audience to raise their hands if they are a TechNet subscriber.  Usually about 1/3 of the audience raises their hand.  Considering that this is typically a Microsoft-friendly audience, I’m a little shocked that there aren’t more hands going up.  The TechNet Subscription is such a great resource for IT Pros, for these reasons:

  • Downloadable (or delivered, if you subscribe to the disks-delivered-to-you-monthly subscription), full-version software licensed for evaluation purposes; which includes Microsoft operating systems, servers, and Office System software; all the software that IT Pros care about.  Yes, these are for evaluation, testing, and training only; but they don’t time-out.  You can install these into a training lab, test lab, or use Virtual PC, Virtual Server, or even your own downloaded evaluation copy of the latest Windows Server 2008 build with the Hyper-V virtualization, to build a virtually networked playground, and play with all the latest and greatest tools and technologies.
  • First access to beta versions and release candidates of new Microsoft products.
  • A Technical Information Library containing the articles, security updates, service packs, utilities and more – all in one convenient location.
  • Access to Online Concierge Chat service for live help from a Microsoft Online Assistant – to help you get the most out of your subscription.
  • Yearly subscription to TechNet Magazine (I love this magazine!)
  • Two (2) technical support incidents and a 20% discount on additional phone support incidents you purchase. (HINT: the savings here alone justifies the subscription cost)
  • Twelve free eLearning courses per year to keep your skills up to date.  Just for TechNet Subscribers.  (Good idea to watch the TechNet Plus Blog for details)
  • Unlimited Managed Newsgroup Support. Post your technical questions in over 100 public newsgroups and receive a response from an expert by next business day.  It’s like another free avenue into direct technical support from Microsoft!

For all of those reasons (Heck, for any ONE of those reasons), a TechNet Plus subscription is worth the yearly investment.

“Cool, Kevin.  But how do I save $100?”

Save $100 on any new TechNet Plus Subscription!For new subscriptions, until May 31st June 30th!, 2008, you can save $100 on any version of a TechNet Plus subscription.

Write down or copy this promotion code to your clipboard: TMSAM08 (That’s zero-eight.  Not the letter O.  Think of 2008.)

Then GOTO the TechNet Subscription Center (CLICK HERE), and use the code to get your savings.

“New subscriptions only?”

Yes, unfortunately for right now it’s only for new subscriptions, and only for people in the United States.  The folks running this program are working on a way to include other areas, and perhaps do this for renewals as well, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon, I’m afraid.  But hey.. a new subscription might still be worth the savings if you only have a few months left on your existing subscription.

…and that $100 will go a long way towards that Zune you’ve always wanted.

14 thoughts on “Here… Go buy a Zune with the $100 you just saved…

  1. Don’t thank me.  Thank the TechNet Subscription folks for making this happen.  And if you subscribed – thank YOU!


  2. First off I thought I’d try doing the "right thing" and get a TechNet Plus subscription to acquire testing software for my business.
    You’d think that if you ordered a TechNet Plus subscription with a credit card on Microsoft’s TechNet Subscription ordering site you’d get at least same day service. They are using Microsoft software for data collection and securing payment aren’t they?
    Well even though I paid with a credit card, even though it’s been 2 business days since I placed the order, even though I called a TechNet representative to inquire about my order, (for which I have not even got a confirmation email about my purchase), I am told that it may take a week or more for my order to make it’s why through " Several database servers" , till I get my TechNet Plus subscription!!!
    I am ready to call back and cancel the "order".
    I was going to test several Microsoft solutions for one of my clients this weekend, but now will research a Linux solution instead.
    I’ve had it with a company that pulls downloads for oem builders like me (I was 99% done with oem sp1 for vista when they pulled the plug) and can’t even process a simple TechNet Plus order in a timely manner.
    I think that 70% of my customers could easily go to a linux solution at this point in time.
    Who will be advising them? Why their consultant ME!
    So I’m JUST a small consulting business dealing with 30 or less computers per site, why should Microsoft care about me? or should they be?


  3. Here are some resources relating to webcast I delivered on May 2nd, 2008, entitled " TechNet Webcast:


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