Breaking TechEd 2008 news: TechEd 2008 Registration is OPEN!

Experience THIS!

Yes indeed!  My favorite conference of the year, Microsoft TechEd, is now taking “Early Bird” registrations.

“Early Bird?”

Yeah.. if you register between now and Friday, April 4, 2008, you’ll save $200 off the $1,995 regular price. 

“Um.. let’s see.. that would be..”

$1,795.  Don’t hurt yourself.

And if you’re going, don’t forget to add your blog to and watch the TechEd Bloggers site.

“Are you going, Kevin?”

I sure hope so.  I have only missed three TechEds in the 15 years they’ve/we’ve been doing these.  I had a great time helping out by doing several Virtual TechEd interviews, so hopefully I’ll get the chance to do that again this year.  I also created a few TechEd Video Diaries  in previous years, which I will do again – this year in “Shocking HD!**

And for those of you who missed it, there are TWO TechEds happening now in the US: One for Developers and one for IT Professionals.

** I have an HD video camera to use now.  I don’t know yet what “Shocking HD!” will mean.. but you can bet it will be entertaining.  And very hi-res.  Maybe I’ll use bittorrent to distribute them.

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