Expiring Certification Exams

MicrosoftLearning In case you weren’t aware, there are several certification exams that are going to expire.

“Oh shoot!  I lose my certification?”

No.. you never lose that.  But a MCSE on Server 2003 is more valuable today that your old MCSE on 2000 Server. 

And if you were thinking of, say, upgrading your MCSE 2000 to 2003 level, you will want to take your exam pretty soon.  Those two tests (70-292 and 70-296) are among those that are expiring March 31, 2008.

Click HERE for details.

And once you have your 2003 MCSE, you’ll have fewer tests to take to make it up to the next level.  So if you’re on the fence, I highly recommend you get off the fence** and get on the phone to your local testing center.

** Where is this fence everybody is on?  It must be crowded.  Or extremely long.

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