Wanna download the released Windows Server 2008 NOW?


Then get a TechNet Subscription!

I just got word from the Sr. Product Manager herself.  The bits for Windows Server 2008 are now available to be downloaded by TechNet subscribers.

Here’s what I see on my personal list of new product available to download and evaluate today:

Newest Downloads available on TechNet Subscriptions

If you’re not familiar with what a TechNet Subscription is, check out my recent blog post about them
And take advantage of the $100 savings I mention there, too.

“Is Vista SP1 available there now, too?”

Not yet.  But I suspect it will be soon.  I’ll check with the product manager and get back to you.

UPDATE: I was wrong to suspect.  Because SP1 is not an update rather than a product, it’s not going to be available for download from TechNet Subscriptions any sooner than when our Volume License customers will have it available.  There is a date coming when VL versions of Windows Server 2008 as well as SP1will bel available, so watch this blog for news about that when it happens. 

In the meantime, and along with watching MY blog, you should also watch the TechNet Plus Subscriptions Blog for news and information.

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