Breaking News: Happy Valentine’s Day – Here’s your Windows Vista SP1 download!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The product team decided to give you TechNet and MSDN subscribers a little Valentine’s Day gift by making SP1 available for download.

Go to the page.  Notice the “Top Subscriber Downloads” section. 


You can also go here to get it –

And if you’re a subscriber, it will require you to log-in with the Windows Live ID you associated your subscription with.

If you’re NOT a TechNet Subscriber, I can save you $100 if you’re interested.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: This promotion and promotion code have expired.
Please CLICK HERE for the most current promotion.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Happy Valentine’s Day – Here’s your Windows Vista SP1 download!

  1. Hello Kevin
    The "Save 100$" Action is only for Company Member ?
    I wold order a Technet Plus Single User Direct Account in Germany, cost 345 Euro for 245 Euro, is not aviable.
    Hav you another "Mony Save" Method  for me ?


  2. The promotion (as described on that blog post I linked to, as well as on the "Save $100" thumbnail on the left) is for U.S. customers only.  Sorry.


  3. Any chance of this hitting the en-gb site? We have a Technet Plus subscription and all we see is a message saying there are no Top Downloads available 😦


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