Kevin’s LAUNCH EVENT Resources for {you heros}

March-May, 2008

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Future Live, In-Person Event Information
TechNet (for IT Pros):
MSDN (for Software Developers):
Microsoft Across America:

$100-OFF TechNet Subscription Promotion – Yes, save $100 off of a TechNet Plus Subscription!
Use Promotion Code TMSAM08 (that’s ZERO-8.  Think 2008) at
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{ What’s New in Windows Server 2008 }

HEROS happen {here]

Windows Server Web Site

The Server Unleashed!

Windows Server 2008 Reviewer’s Guide

Top 10 Reason’s to Upgrade

Active Directory Improvements

Core Infrastructure Improvements

High Availability

High Performance Computing

Virtualization and Consolidation (Hyper-V)

Web and Application Platform Improvements

Scripting with PowerShell

PowerShell Team Blog

Microsoft TechNet Script Center

Windows Server Division Blog

Server Core Blog

Windows Server 2008 Retail Pricing Announcement

Windows Server 2008 Step-by-Step Guides

Windows Server 2008 – Compare Server Roles (Roles available by Server Version)

{ Virtualization and Your Infrastructure }

Microsoft Virtualization Home

Infrastructure Optimization

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator

Hyper-V Virtualization and Consolidation

Hyper-V TechNet TechCenter

Hyper-V FAQ

Installing Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V Step-by-Step Guide

Video – Managing Hyper-V on Server Core

Virtualization WMI Providers (great for PowerShell Scripting!)

Virtualization Team Blog

System Center – Your Platform {managed}

System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Presentation Virtualization with Terminal Services

Terminal Services Gateway

Terminal Services RemoteApp

Terminal Services Web Access

Terminal Services Team Blog

Microsoft Application Virtualization (formerly SoftGrid)

{ Securing Your IT Infrastructure with Windows Server 2008 }

Security and Data Protection Improvements

TechNet Magazine: Service Hardening in Windows Vista (applies to Server as well)

New Networking Features in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Step-by-Step Guide for Read-Only Domain Controllers

Wireless Networking in Windows Vista (applies to Server as well) – Document Download

BitLocker Drive Encryption Step-by-Step Guide for Windows Server 2008

ADFS Documentation Team Blog

Network Access Protection TechCenter

Active Directory Rights Management Services Role

Windows Server 2008 Auditing AD DS Changes Step-by-Step Guide

Event Subscription Overview

Step-by-Step Guide to Controlling Device Installation and Usage with Group Policy

Windows Server 2008 – Active Directory Auditing Enhancements

{ Exploring Windows Server 2008 Web and Application technologies }

IIS 7 Home

IIS Community Portal (best source of IIS information)

Getting Started with IIS 7.0


Application Host Config

What happened to the metabase?

IIS 7.0: Converting Metabase Properties to Configuration Settings

IIS 7 on Server Core

IIS 7 on Vista?  You bet! 
Here’s a great breakdown of what Editions of Vista support which IIS 7 functionality

Getting Started with the IIS Manager

IIS 7 Feature Delegation

Extending IIS: Developing a Module using .NET

Managing Sites with IIS 7.0’s WMI Provider

Getting Started with AppCmd.exe

IIS 7 Shared Configuration

How to use HTTP Detailed Errors in IIS 7.0

Bill Staples’ Take on IIS 7.0 vs. Apache

4 thoughts on “Kevin’s LAUNCH EVENT Resources for {you heros}

  1. Kevin:  great presentation in Detroit!  Thanks for putting these together!  A nice touch would be to have it as an import-able SharePoint list for my site!
    Mark Grimes
    Sogeti USA, LLC


  2. Interesting idea!  I’ll have to consider that…
    (But I still want you to come to my blog, too!)  
    Thanks Mark!


  3. Boy Mark, you want Kevin to do all the work!
    I simply copied the page to Word 2k7, saved it as a pdf and uploaded it to the user group sharepoint site.  And the links at the end of the document still link back to Kevin’s blog.
    Hermine Turner, MCSA, MCT, MCAS Instructor


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