Breaking News: Hyper-V is UNLEASHED TODAY!

Hyper-V Baby!

..and ahead of schedule!

That’s right!  Hyper-V, the new game-changing virtualization technology that is included in Windows Server 2008, has been released today.

Here’s the official press release.

“How do I get it?”

Well.. first of all you have to have Windows Server 2008 64-bit running on Virtualization capable hardware (meaning the Intel or AMD processors that have virtualization optimization built-in).  See the Hyper-V TechCenter to get the details.

As for the download – it’s HERE (or will be soon):

You also will be able to update your existing installations of pre-release Hyper-V using Windows Update starting July 7th, 2008.

So.. go forth and VIRTUALIZE!

PS – I did a pretty good (I think so, anyway) webcast on Hyper-V.  You can watch it HERE.

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