John Baker: Have you blogged today?

John Baker's BritBlog My friend and coworker John Baker is all excited.  He’s had a blog for a couple years now, but has recently acquired a new-found enthusiasm for blogging.  He even updated his style sheets to make his blog more pretty. 

Check it out.  Encourage him.  He needs it. 

“What about your blog, Kevin?  You’ve had the same drab black-on-white style on your blog for too long.”

Yeah, I think it’s about time I updated my blog style.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “John Baker: Have you blogged today?

  1. Looks like he stole his style from Chris Avis who stole his style from me.  I should be getting a "royalty".  Hee.


  2. All of the overrides I used were written from scratch by me.  Maybe some day in my spare time I’ll write a complete template.


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