Breaking News: The Vista Challenge (aka the “Mojave Experiment”)

Do you REALLY know the facts about Windows Vista, or is it just something you heard?I learned about this a couple weeks ago – and now it’s live.  And in my opinion, it’s super cool, and WAY OVERDUE.

I personally LOVE THIS.  But what do you think? 

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: The Vista Challenge (aka the “Mojave Experiment”)

  1. >I personally LOVE THIS.  But what do you think?
    Well I was a Vista TAP tester so I’m biased.  I passed it along to my co-workers, and I’ll blog about it within the next day or so.
    There is an awful lot of FUD about Windows Vista, particularly around UAC.  And that gets me really annoyed, because people are making uninformed comment and passing it off as knowledge to their friends and neighbours.
    Here’s one example:
    Pughgo is an example of a rabbit who:
    a) disables UAC because it’s "annoying"
    b) runs Firefox because it’s more secure, but doesn’t realise that IE would be more secure if he left UAC alone in the first place.


  2. Watching the videos is scary.  I bet 6 months from now half those people will be complaining and say, “So, why hasn’t Microsoft released Mojave?”


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