Breaking News: SQL Server 2008 is RTM!


(RTM = Released to Manufacturing)

Yes indeed.. today the newest version of the best database software platform anywhere reached a major milestone.  It’s ready! 

You can read the PressPass announcement here.

And here is the official press location for all things SQL Server.

And of course, here is the SQL Server home page.

And finally – if you’re a TechNet Subscriber, you can download your copy of product TODAY!

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: SQL Server 2008 is RTM!

  1. kewl.  And, it looks like the MSDN subscriptions have the new versions too 🙂
    I see you have this post filed under the category ‘Sex’.  I’m guessing a new feature was announced at TR7, lol


  2. The "Sex" and "Violence" tags were my own tag idea.  Anything I consider "exciting" is typically either sexy or violent in some way.. and SQL Server 2008 is definitely both.  🙂


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