August-December 2008 – TechNet Event Resources

Kevin’s TechNet Event Resources


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Session PowerPoint Decks



Future Live, In-Person Event Information
TechNet (for IT Pros):

MSDN (for Software Developers):
Microsoft Across America:


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{ Why to get Windows Vista with SP1 }


Windows Client TechCenter – the Springboard Series of Resources

(This is a one-stop, best location for all technical resources and knowledge around Windows Vista)


Windows Vista Home Page


Notable Changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1


The Mojave Experiment – Do you really know Vista?


The Tolley Group – Enhanced Network Performance with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008


Mark Russinovich’s Blog Post: “Inside Vista SP1 File Copy Improvements”


Stan Beer’s “Why Move to SP1?” Article




James Bannan’s Article: “Vista SP1 up to 86% Faster”


{ Managing Windows Vista with Windows PowerShell }

**NOTE: Demo setup and script files are now attached to this post in a .zip file.  Look towards the bottom of this article to find the file.


How to Download Windows PowerShell 1.0


Windows PowerShell 1.0 Documentation Pack


Windows PowerShell: Frequently Asked Questions


How Windows PowerShell Works


Windows PowerShell Team Blog


Windows PowerShell Getting Started Guide


Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Help Topics


Scripting with Windows PowerShell Script Center


The Script Center Script Repository (includes sample PowerShell Scripts)


Windows PowerShell SDK


Windows PowerShell Programmer’s Guide


Windows PowerShell Class Library (Managed Code Reference)


Windows PowerShell V2 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2)


Blog Post: What’s New in V2?

Group Policy Preferences, Templates, and Scripting }

Group Policy


Group Policy Preferences Overview


ADMX Migrator


Planning and Deploying Group Policy


Using Windows Script Files


Group Policy Management Console Scripting Samples


Group Policy Management Console Sample Scripts Download


Free GPMC PowerShell Cmdlets 1.2 (by SDM Software)

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