One Way Microsoft Helps With Hurricane Relief

When asked, my friend and coworker (and the guy who hired me to Microsoft) John Weston jumped at the chance to help out. 

One of the things our MSAM (Microsoft Across America) team manages are these big “Mobile Event Experience” trucks that are outfitted with all of the latest/greatest Microsoft technologies.  But another nice thing these trucks have is A) mobility, and B) internet access. 

You may recall that after hurricane Katrina, we sent two of those trucks into the disaster relief area to assist the Red Cross in helping people get online to let loved ones know that they were okay, or to go online adn sign up for relief assistance.  And when hurricane Gustav hit earlier this year, we again sent a truck down.  But we needed someone to go down and help out.  John answered the call immediately.

Recently, at a team meeting, John gave an overview of his experience to all of us.  I ran his video camera, so that we could also share this presentation to the world.

I’m proud to know you, John! 

Here’s the video:

And here’s a link to John’s blog post about this.

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