Want to learn PowerShell? How about in a “Second Life”?

What?  You don't like your first life?

“Second Life?  Isn’t that that online social web networking alter-ego persona thingy?”

Yep, that’s the one.  Second Life is “virtual worlds, avatars, 3D chat, online meetings”.  Many people use it just for socializing, but it’s also become a pretty interesting way to hold big meetings.  Some of you may recall that we actually held a virtual Heroes Happen { here } Launch Event on Second Life.

Now, for those of you interested in learning PowerShell, we’re going to be holding a 3-part series on PowerShell on Microsoft’s own Island in Second Life.

The group meetings take place at this address in Second Life:

And when it’s time for the meeting, we use Office Live Meeting.  Here is the address for group meetings on the island:

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