Breaking News: Official Name of “Windows 7” Announced

Windows 7 is now Windows 7 “It is?  It’s announced?  What’s the name?”

“Windows 7”

“Yeah.. the product that was codename ‘Windows 7’.  What’s the official name?”

“Windows 7”

“Um.. The official name of what was known as ‘Windows 7’ is..”

“Windows 7”!  Yep. 

“I’m confused.”

That’s the official name now.  Windows 7 is now the official name of the product formerly codename “Windows 7”.

Check out the Windows Vista Team Blog for the official announcement.

“Wow..  Really.  Hmm.  Well.. that’s easy to remember.”

Yep.  No worries about screwing up during some webcast/podcast/screencast and slipping up by saying the wrong thing.  Now it’s “So you see here in Windows 7… er, I mean.. in Windows 7… “


“So, do you like the name, Kevin?”

I love the name ‘Kevin’.

“I mean.. do you, Kevin, like ‘Windows 7’?”

Of course.  I especially like anything that rhymes with ‘Kevin’.  Seriously, though, I didn’t like the Windows Vista name originally, but it grew on me.  But this one I actually like pretty well.  I might like it better as “Windows VII”, but that’s just because I think roman numerals are cool.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Official Name of “Windows 7” Announced

  1. I’m more bothered on what the operating system will deliver than what it is called (I guess so long as it isn’t Bob!).
    There are, however, clearly quite a few people who think this is a daft name, though. It is a reverse on an earlier MS policy regarding the name and, worse than that, even though it is going to be *called* Windows 7, the version number is going to be 6.1! That just doesn’t make sense, regardless of the explanation of why it is so. Trouble ahead when we get to the next version!


  2. Well then, the next major release (7.0) will have to be called something like Windows 2012 (RTM 2013).  
    (Ooo!  Did I say that out loud?!)


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