Kevin’s Virtualization Resources for Omaha HDC!

October 16-17, 2008

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{ Virtualization Resources }

Microsoft | Virtualization home


Windows Server Web Site


Windows Server Hyper-V FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Windows Server 2008 Reviewer’s Guide


Top 10 Reason’s to Upgrade


Virtualization and Consolidation


Virtualization Products


Terminal Services


Desktop Virtualization – Virtual PC 2007


Product (FREE): Hyper-V Server


Management – System Center


App-V – Application Virtualization




Virtual Hard Disk Specification OSP


MSDN & TechNet Powered by Hyper-V


Virtualization Solution Accelerators


How to install the Hyper-V role


Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Performance Tuning Guide


Using Hyper-V & BitLocker White Paper


Kevin’s TechNet Webcast: 24 Hours of Windows Server 2008 (Part 02 of 24): Server Virtualization with Hyper-V Features and Architecture


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