IT Managers – We’ve got Webcasts for you!

IT Manager Connections - Build business and careers on the Microsoft platform. If you manage an IT team or organization, and if you want some good resources on building your business – or even your career – using Microsoft technologies, you should check out this webcast series going on now.

Here’s the link to the series landing page.

A number of webcasts and podcasts have been recorded and are available on-demand, as well as many yet to happen.  You can find out the schedule and attend the webcasts live.

“Sounds cool, Kevin.  But do you have a sample of a webcast that’s coming soon?”

Of course.  How about a December 3rd, 2008 webcast for IT Managers all about “Virtualization and Infrastructure Management”

Platform Solution Blueprints: Virtualization and Infrastructure Management

Tune in to learn how Microsoft virtualization solutions enable organizations to expand their infrastructure options without sacrificing existing investments. If you need to do more with less, watch this webcast and see how Microsoft virtualization enables you to turn tactical decisions into strategy.

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