Microsoft Corp. :: Microsoft Research Helps Novice Musicians Discover Their Inner Songwriters


Microsoft Corp. :: Microsoft Research Helps Novice Musicians Discover Their Inner Songwriters

(Title and first link in this blog post are courtesy of clicking the “Blog This” button in my browser, which launches me into Windows Live Writer.  That’s the first time I’ve tried that.  I like it.)

Everyone has a song inside... Okay.. consider me once again blown away.  I really need to come up with a word to describe the hysterical laughter that accompanies seeing a new feature, technology, or product for the first time that just makes me giggle with delight and anticipation.

“Geek Giggles.  Geekles.”

Yeah.. Good one.  I geekled when I saw this new product from Microsoft Research.  Apparently we’re showing it off at CES this year.  You may not know this about me, but before I was an IT Pro, I was a Developer.  And before that I was a musician and composer.  And with a musical background, plus keeping my toes-in-the-musical-water by being in a band, etc.. I’ve always loved seeing how software can support the creative process**. 

So now we give you SongSmith.  From the web site:

Songsmith generates musical accompaniment to match a singer’s voice. Just choose a musical style, sing into your PC’s microphone, and Songsmith will create backing music for you. Then share your songs with your friends and family, post your songs online, or create your own music videos.

Check out the web site for a fun (and a solid 9.5 on the ten point CHEESY-o-meter scale) video showing off the software, as well as the trial download and purchase links.  ($29.95 USD)

So now my kids can play around and create songs for fun, just by singing a tune into the PC. 

And hey.. maybe I’ll be singing a portion of my presentation at my next TechNet Events!


**Speaking of the creative process, and good music, you should check out my brother’s band’s new CD.  Carl is the bass player and producer.  And he did it all with SongSmith.  (just kidding)

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