More Free Stuff

This is cool.  Free learning is always good.

Microsoft Learning is giving away free e-Books.  Microsoft Press is celebrating their 25th anniversary.  So they’re offering a way to sign-up for and receive notifications about free offers, and additional books, for the next several months. 

The book available at the time of this blog post is this one:

Virtualization Solutions

This is very timely, as we just launched a 20 part Virtualization Webcast Series a couple days ago.  (You can view the on-demand part 1 webcast here.  Yeah, that’s me. <grin>) 

Read the book.  Attend the webcasts.  You’ll virtually be a virtualization expert.

One thought on “More Free Stuff

  1. no our website hasnt been updated in four years- its embarassing ill get to it this year.
    why are technet subs so high? we only have five people- small company, fighting tough in our market which is already a challenge due ot the economic area.
    we support MS and appreciate the work it provides, so we arent ungrateful. just wish for the old days when getting loaded up by ms on software we could play with was a awesome perk for 300 clams.


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