Do these e-learning courses interest you? You may be able to take them for FREE…

Course 6537: Implementing High Availability in Windows Server 2008
This 2-hour online course provides IT Professionals with the knowledge and skills to implement high availability in Windows Server 2008.
Topics covered in the course include:
-Network load balancing configuration
-Failover clustering implementation and configuration

Course 6320: Introducing the Hyper-V Technology
This two-hour online course provides IT professionals with an overview of the Hyper-V technology and its features. This course also teaches you how to implement Hyper-V on a Windows Server 2008 server. This knowledge helps IT Pro’s plan and implement a Hyper-V virtualization server to enhance your IT infrastructure.
Topics covered in the course include:
– Benefits of Hyper-V
– Features of the Hyper-V technology
– Planning for Implementing Hyper-V virtualization

Course 4327: Querying and Filtering Data in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Published on: 12/15/2008)
In this 2 hour course the IT Pro’s are introduced to the basic Transact-SQL statements that are used for writing queries, filtering data, and formatting result sets.
Topics covered in this course include:
– Introduction to the SELECT statement.
– How to filter data.
– How to retrieve unknown values.
– Format result sets.
– Describe the performance considerations of Transact-SQL.

“What?  Kevin – you said I might be able to take these for free?”

I copied/pasted these right out of a TechNet Plus Subscription e-mail I received today.  These are available for a price; usually as a package of a dozen or so courses for $288, which you have access to for 18 months.  OR if you’re TechNet Plus Subscriber, you can take them for free.

I figured that someone following this blog just might be on the fence about whether or not to subscribe… and this might help them make their decision.

And you can still get a discount on the subscription.  For details, check out this blog post.

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