Breaking News: The sound of found is “Bing”

Bing Blog Bing Blog Bing Blog

A few minutes ago I got an e-mail from Steve Balmer.  Microsoft today announced the new name and new functionality of the new search engine.  The new name is the sound I suppose I should hear when I find what I’m looking for.  But I can’t help but thinking of old Christmas TV Specials with a large family drinking Florida Orange Juice and singing “White Christmas”.

I won’t outline the new features here, because I haven’t yet investigated them myself (to be honest.  Actually, I’ve been using “Kumo” (the codename) automatically for awhile now.  Microsoft employees are redirected to Kumo automatically whenever we opened up a Live Search while connected to the corporate network.)

You (and I) can learn more at the Bing Blog (say that pair of words several times out loud.. and then notice the stares of people around you.  Good for a laugh.) or at the official press announcement.

“Where can I try it out?  I want my bing bing!”

Of course you do.  You’ll find it here:

“Hey!  There’s nothing there!”

Oh.. I should have warned you that the site goes live June 3, 2009.  Check back then. 

UPDATE: Until then, you can learn more at  They’ve got some videos there that walk you through what it is and some of the new functionality.  Here’s the “Product Tour Video”…

So… Make it your default search.  I dare you.  Try it out.  “Bing it.”

(“Bing it”?  “Bing on it”?  “Bing it on”?  “Bing Cherries”?)


What do you think?  Like the name?  Hate the name?  (Personally I’m on the fence.)  What about the promising new features?  Come back after you’ve tried it and tell me what you think.

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: The sound of found is “Bing”

  1. I love the concept, like the new name – though not quite as verb-able as I would have expected.  In any case, I’m looking forward to trying it.
    So is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like a great marketing campaign to get together the cast from "Friends" – specifically Monica and Chandler Bing, to promote this in a hip, current, way?
    Just the thoughts of a wannabe marketing guy.  If you guys decide to use it, definately throw props my way.  🙂


  2. Excellent idea, Mark.  And because it’s time-stamped on my blog, we know the idea was yours.  (Nobody else could possibly have thought of that idea already. (chuckle))  🙂


  3. I’m not sure quite how much of what MS have announced is actually available already. The Quick Preview feature seems to be – and it is nice – but Best Match, Deep Links and Instant Answers don’t seem to be. If they are there, I think the UI is failing ‘cos I can’t see them!
    Hopefully this is just the start and MS are sharing their thoughts on where they want to go with Bing. I suspect, though, that they still have quite a journey ahead of them. Bing is missing a few features that I like in Google – a spell checker being top of my list.


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