Breaking News: The Answer to “When can I get Windows 7 RTM?”

Soon, baby!

The Windows Blog has a new post today, answering the question: “When will you get Windows 7 RTM?”

“So.. when can I get it, Kevin?  Has it RTM’d yet?”

Well.. it hasn’t been RTM’d (Released to Manufacturing) as of the time of writing this blog post.  But the fact that these dates have been announced means that it will have to happen sometime between now (July 21st, 2009) and the first date listed.

I strongly encourage you to read the full post for all the details.  But here is the summary:

  • First – OEMs will receive Windows 7 RTM software images 2 days after the official RTM date. 
  • August 6, 2009: Partners (ISVs and IHVs) can get it from Microsoft Connect or MSDN.
  • August 7, 2009: If you are a Volume License (VL) customer with an existing Software Assurance (SA) license you will be able to download Windows 7 RTM in English starting August 7th via the Volume License Service Center (VLSC).  Other languages available a couple of weeks after that.
  • August 16, 2009: Microsoft Partner Program Gold/Certified Members will be able to download the English version.  (Remaining languages available for these folks on October 1, 2009)
  • August 23, 2009: Microsoft Action Pack Subscribers – English version of Windows 7 RTM.  (Remaining languages available for these folks on October 1, 2009)

“Hey!  What about us IT Pros?!”

You don’t think I’d forget my people, do you?!

  • If you’re a TechNet Plus Subscriber, you can get your English language download of RTM Windows 7 on August 6, 2009!  Remaining languages on October 1, 2009.

“And Developers?  What about the MSDN subscribers?”

  • MSDN subscribers will be able to get it on August 6, 2009 as well.  And again, all remaining languages on October 1, 2009.

“And what about my mother-in-law?”

Did you pre-order it for her?  If you did, then it should arrive around October 22, 2009 – which non-so-coincidentally is the day that you can also buy it in stores if you didn’t pre-order.

Again- make sure you check out the full post.  There is additional news about the-oft-rumored-and-now-confirmed “Family Pack”, as well as an evaluation version that will be made available to IT Professionals through the Springboard Series.

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