New Online Chats: Virtualization – with Shanen Boettcher

image Everyone – Meet Shanen Boettcher.  Shanen is a General Manager at Microsoft, responsible for the strategy around Windows Server products in the U.S.  He has a deep passion and background in product planning, technology and management including his role in Active Directory and Windows client product groups.

“Cool.  Why do I want to meet him?”

Because today and tomorrow I’m interviewing him in two new Live Online Chat sessions.  In both we’ll be discussing virtualization  The first one from the perspective of IT Pros and helping them gear-up on the latest offerings from Microsoft (“How can I be more valuable to my company or to a perspective employer in the area of virtualization?”).  The second being strictly for IT Managers, where we’ll discuss the business-beneficial reasons for virtualization (“How can my company maximize our virtualization ROI and save money?”).

“Are these Webcasts?”

Well.. not really, no.  Yeah, we’re using LiveMeeting like we do on webcasts, but this is meant to be a live, interactive chat.  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ATTENDEES TO ASK QUESTIONS, because we want YOUR questions to drive the conversation. 

“Will they be recorded and available at a later date?”

Absolutely.  These same registration links will bring you to the recording.  Here they are:

Watch this blog for additional resources, as well as a Q&A summary, in case we want to answer any questions we didn’t get to or perhaps provide more resources to help answer your questions.

Hope to see you there!

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