Today “the NEW efficiency” starts…

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Today, September 24, 2009, in three cities in the U.S. we’re holding our first of what we internally are calling the “trifecta launch” events, launching Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.  In fact, this morning I was up bright and early and in front of a movie theater in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, plugging in my laptops and making sure that all audio and video were working well.

“Were they?”


So now I’ve got some time to kill before my first of four sessions on Windows 7 begin this afternoon.  It’s a full house, and we’re going to ROCK IT!

And hey.. if you want the resource page that I put together to hand out to attendees, you will find it attached to this post, and well as online HERE


20090924 Win7 Launch Resources.docx

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