Want my business card?



I’m having so much fun playing with Microsoft Tag.  Try it out on your smartphone.  (go to http://gettag.mobi) The software drives your phone’s camera to take a quick scan of the tag, and then does something with it, like open a web page, or download a vCard.  For example, the colorful tag above, when scanned, will let you save my contact information to your phone. 

Next time I print business cards, I’m going to put this on them.  I’d love to have it on a T-Shirt, as well.

“Kevin.. this isn’t new.”

I know.  It was introduced over a year ago. But I’m just getting around to investigating some cool social-networking uses for it. 

(As of this writing, this same tag is my profile photo on Twitter.)

UPDATE: I’ve customized it.  Now it has my photo in it.

Kevin Remde Custom vCard

2 thoughts on “Want my business card?

  1. I think this technology is great, but its biggest flaw is that it requires color. Black and white copiers are still more common because of the cost savings, and for this reason, I think other technologies like QR-Code and Datamatrix will become more dominant than Microsoft Tag.


  2. Actually, it does not require color.  You have the option of generating black-and-white tags also.  I have one of those that I put on hand-outs that I need to copy large quantities of.  (Kinkos still charges a LOT less for B&W. :))


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