Virtual Round Table: The Last Mile: Pilot and Deploy Windows 7 (with Mark Russinovich)


The Springboard Series from Microsoft has been hosting these online round table discussions featuring Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich and a panel of subject-matter experts, primarily focused on different aspects of Windows 7 (performance, compatibility, etc.) 

“Mark who?”

Mark Russinovich. 

"For he's a technical fellow..  For he's a technical fellow..."

The guy who gave us Sysinternals.  C’mon.. This guy even has a Wikipedia page

Anyway, these roundtables have been very well received.  They’re streamed live, and also recorded for later viewing.  And there’s another one coming up on April 29, 2010 entitled “The Last Mile: Pilot and Deploy Windows 7”.  9:00am PDTHere are some the details from the event page:

“Mark will be joined by a panel of IT professionals who are currently in the piloting and deployment process, along with Microsoft subject matter experts who can speak in depth about the technologies. The discussion will be open and candid, with the panel sharing insights, dispelling myths and getting down to the real story around technical adoption of Windows technologies.”

Click HERE for more details (and the handy ability to add it to your calendar).

And here is the page where the previously recorded round table sessions are available for viewing.

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