Upcoming Webcast on PowerShell – What script would you like to see created?

This is a really great idea, and a very unique opportunity to participate.  On September 22, 2010 there is a webcast happening entitled “TechNet Webcast: Windows PowerShell Basics for IT Professionals”.  But that alone isn’t very exciting.

“It is to me, Kevin.  I’d like a little help getting started with PowerShell!”

Certainly.  But wouldn’t it be even better if we gave you the chance to submit an idea for a PowerShell script prior to the webcast?

“Yes!  I have several things I would like to automate using PowerShell!”

Absolutely.  So… E-mail your script ideas to aeshen@microsoft.com by September 15, 2010, and the webcasters may pick yours as one of the scripts they’re going to create right there on the live webcast.

Complete details about the event can be found HERE.

And CLICK HERE to register for the live event.  (Also click there if it’s after September 22, 2010, and you’d like to view the webcast recording.)

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