Are you ready for a more beautiful web?


On August 4 we released the fourth platform preview of IE9 for people to try out.  As with other technology previews, the point was to give developers a first-look at what the compatibility and performance capabilities are going to be like. 

“Yeah, I tried it.  It is fast.”

Exactly.  And on August 12, James Pratt wrote on the Windows Team Blog about an event coming up on September 15, 2010, where we’ll unveil the public beta of  Internet Explorer 9.  It’s the “Beauty of the Web” event.

“Hey.. that’s TODAY!”

You got it. 

“Does that mean I can download it now?”

Not just yet… but very soon.  Watch this space.

get ready for a more beautiful web

UPDATE: No download available yet, but check out these thorough reviews:

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