Breaking News: Windows Small Business Server 7 Preview Is Available For Download

SBSSeems like just the other day the preview of the newest member of the family, Windows Small Business Server codename “Aurora” was available for download.  I say “newest member of the family”, because “Aurora” is a server for small businesses of 25-or-fewer PCs.  SBS 2008, the most recent released version of Small Business Server, allows up to 75.. and we’ve known for awhile that the next version – Windows Small Business Server 7 – was also on the way to be the next version of the 75-user product.

So today, the preview of Windows Small Business Server 7 is also available on the Connect site.

Look at the SBS Site for more details, and for links to the downloads.  There are also good videos and write-ups of the new features of these next versions of Windows Small Business Server.

UPDATE: Also check out the announcement on The Official SBS Blog

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