Breaking News from MMS: SCCM 2012 Beta 2 is RTW!

(RTW = Released to the Wild Wild Web)

Beta 2 Home Page

At the Microsoft’s Management Summit (MMS 2011Microsoft announced the availability of BETA 2 of System Center Configuration Manager 2012

“What are the new big improvements?”

I was just getting to that.  Here’s a quick summary:

System Center Home“User-Centric Management” / “Flexible Delivery of Applications”: This SCCM version acknowledges and supports the fact that people often have many different devices or ways of connecting and accessing business services.  Wouldn’t it be great to give someone certain applications or configurations, and then just choose different versions or deployment methods of those applications based on the particular device being used, or how it’s currently connected?  It’s like another layer of abstraction… Person A gets these apps.  These apps can be deployed these many different ways to these several devices.  And the deployment adjusts automatically.  Very smart. 

“On-Demand Applications”: I think this means we have a new portal for self-service, where a user can pick and choose applications; and only those that make sense for (or have been allowed for) that particular person.

“Unifying Management Tools”: Do I need to use separate tools to manage application deployments, OS deployments, App-V, MED-V, VDI, or even Citrix XenApp deployment?  Nope.  Not anymore.  And you’ll be using SCCM 2012 to manage your Windows Phone 7 and Nokia Symbian devices, too. 

“Simplify IT Processes to Reduce Costs and Support Compliance”: You can record and manage baseline configurations.. and then automatically monitor for changes away from the baseline, and automatically remediate the situation.  Cool, huh?

“Simplifying Management Administrative Improvements”: This means there are big improvements in how the architecture in larger organizations can be defined and deployed.  For example: you won’t need as many primary Configuration Manager sites now that throttling and scheduling on distribution points has been improved.

…and that’s just a sample of some of the improvements.

For more information, check out the Beta 2 page here

And download SCCM 2012 Beta 2.

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