Was it cloudy at MMS 2011? (“Cloudy April”–Part 8)

MMS 2011Just last week (March 29) I had the pleasure of speaking to Chris Van Wesep.  Chris is a Group Product Manager in the Management & Security Product Group, and as such he is a key person at Microsoft responsible for many of the System Center management tools and vision.  As you may be aware, much of the news coming out of Microsoft at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2011  was cloud-related.

“Really?  No.. I hadn’t noticed.”

(Seriously?  My other voice can actually get sarcastic?  I need help.) 

Cloudy, but never raining.Anyway, I really enjoyed my chat with Chris and a couple of additional Program Managers.  They filled me in on the details around SCVMM 2012, and the other new and exciting additions to the System Center suite.

Check out this recorded session here.

And if you’re interested in the other recordings or scheduled events in the series, here is the series page.  Plus.. here are the feeds for subscribing to all of our IT Manager Chats, just in case you want to use your Zune or iTunes software:


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