Let’s Chat Business (“Cloudy April”–Part 11)

imageI know I’ve talked here about it before, but I do want as many IT Pros and IT Managers as possible to know about the series of webcasts I’m doing entitled “IT Manager Chats with Kevin Remde”.  These are so much fun to do, because I get to talk to some people in the business and important folks at Microsoft who really know their stuff, and are willing to answer our questions.

I say “our” questions, because the idea was not to organize yet another series of death-by-PowerPoint webcasts, but rather make these an opportunity for people attending the live webcast to ask questions of our guests.  I come prepared with a list,  but I really want the conversation to include you. 

Cloudy Business“Are you doing any of these in the near future?”

Well..  you can watch the series landing page (and even subscribe to it via RSS to watch for updates).  If you were to look there now you would see that our next one is scheduled for May 2nd.  I talked about it briefly yesterday in Part 9 of this series.)  The previously recorded sessions are available there as well. 

Plus.. here are the feeds for subscribing to all of our IT Manager Chats, just in case you want to use your Zune or iTunes software:


What topics would you IT Managers like to see in this series?  Please let me know in the comments below.

And check back tomorrow for Part 12 of the series, if you’re interested at all at being professionally “cloud certified”.

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