Cloudy TechNet Events (“Cloudy April” – Part 13)

Come out of the fog and into the cloud!TechNet EventsJust a short post today to remind you of two previous posts that I made recently regarding our TechNet Events happening in the Central Region of the US and all around the United States.

Here my post on our schedule of events for the Central Region.  I realize that many of these have already occurred, but I thought if you missed it the first time around, and if you’re in one of the cities that we have yet to cover, you’d want another opportunity to register and attend. I’m specifically talking to you, Des Moines (April 22) and Cedar Rapids (May 12)!  I’ll see you there!

Here is my Event Resource Page for these events.

And finally, here is the TechNet Events page, where you can view the current schedule of events happening all around the United States.  Right now our focus is cloudy.  ..that is to say, we’re talking primarily about what “the cloud” means to IT Professionals, and how it truly represents a “Transformation of IT”.

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